Why I use JS.

Nowadays, JS is the most popular and friendly language ever. I use JS as my mainstream language.

Let’s find out… WHY??


1. EASY to Write:

You can write code really fast in js. Not to need a headache with this.

Its very simple to declare a variable. Like…

   var x = 10;
   var x = \'Hellow World\';
   var x = 10.001;

Print the particular variable value. Like…

   var x = 10;

Mathematical Operations are done by easily.

   var a = 10;
   var b = 2;
   console.log(a + b); // 12


   console.log(10 + 2); // 12
   console.log(10 - 2); // 8
   console.log(10 * 2); // 20
   console.log(10 / 2); // 5

Speaking of functions, you can do x => x /2,  which takes a number and returns it divided by two.

2. Most Popular:

JS means Javascript is the most popular language. If you are a web developer then you must have to work with JS. According to  StackOverflow JS question ranking is 1st.


3. One Language for ALL:

One common language will help to build all kind of application all platform.

Backend: Node js

Frontend: Angular, React, Vue and many more…

Mobile App: React Native, Ionic etc..

Desktop App: Electron.

CLI(Command Line Interface): Nodejs

4. Packages:

You Can install third-party packages in your application. Using  NPM you and simply add or remove files according to requirement.  Example:

if you clone a project just open and read README.md file then read package.json to get which packages are used in this project.


End of story .