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Hire Laravel Developers to Upscale your product Development Capabilities

Laravel is an open-source web application framework with a sophisticated syntax. If you use Laravel as your web application platform, you’ll be one step closer to having speedier web apps with well-integrated built-in functionality.

Laravel Developer

Laravel web development services

Laravel simplifies some of the most common chores, including routing, authentication, sessions, caching, and others, so that developers can concentrate on the app’s business aspects.

  • Laravel web application tailored to your needs: It is critical to supply the appropriate web solutions in order to establish an online presence. Hire specialized Laravel programmers with a track record of developing unique web solutions for a wide range of businesses.
  • Migration services: Transforming your company’s application allows you to stay competitive in the market while also keeping your users interested. Onboard professional Laravel coders who can migrate data from other technologies/frameworks to Laravel in a timely and reliable manner.
  • CMS Development: Hire Laravel Developers to create eCommerce and CMS websites that are both functional and appealing. Our global clients benefit from the outstanding services and laravel ecommerce development solutions provided by our remote Laravel Developers. 
  • Maintenance and Integration with Laravel: Hire dedicated Laravel Developers to manage and maintain your web applications in accordance with best practices. Hire dedicated development team provider to integrate and upgrade your current project from other platforms to Laravel.

Why Laravel is a Good Choice to Build a
Web App

One of the most compelling reasons to use the Laravel framework for web app development is the ease with which unit testing can be accomplished. Unit testing is a type of testing in which each component or module of the web application is checked to ensure that no part of the website is left untested. Before a web application goes online, this type of unit testing ensures that it is free of exceptions or flaws. This means your end-users will have bug-free, high-performing software.

Laravel for web development

Laravel is a PHP framework that simplifies the web development process for developers with expressive and elegant syntax. Some basic features of the Laravel framework. Simple authentication techniques

What Do We Offer

Laravel is known as one of the leading PHP frameworks for web applications. The main motive of Laravel is to make tasks easier such as authentication, caching, sessions, and routing. Now you can easily hire PHP Laravel developers in Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, USA, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. Let's check out some benefits of why enterprises choose Laravel development company services.

Do you know?

9GAG, BBC, Pfizer, and many popular brands use Laravel to build their application

Why Hire Professional Laravel Services From Us

Dedicated Developers

Hire our dedicated Laravel programmers who can build strong web application solutions for you and your global clients.

Full Stack Laravel Development

Now, hire dedicated full-stack Laravel developers in India for various applications to manage both front-end and back-end.

Enterprise Solutions

Our Developers can provide an efficient Laravel framework for large enterprises and they can also create scalable as well as flexible applications.

Testing and quality assurance

Count on our specialized testing and quality assurance team to scrutinize every component of your project to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Module Development Solutions

Coders from our Laravel development company make sure to work on your project remotely and cater effective modules and maintain the required data on the cloud storage.

API Development

You can hire laravel web developers who are accustomed to creating online portals and proficient in creating custom APIs for small business solutions

Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers From Web Idea Solution
At Cost-Effective Rates

Web Idea Solution  provide different hiring models so you can decide how you want to hire laravel developer for you project. Our dedicated laravel developers can be available on a full-time, part-time, and hourly basis.

Full Time

Only work for you in Dedicated mode
Duration : 8hrs/Day - 5 Days/Week(160 Hrs/ Month)
Billing : Monthly

Minimum Duration : 6 Months

Part Time

Need a few hours of attention to the work

Duration : 4hrs/Day - 5 Days/Week(80 Hrs/ Month)

Billing : Monthly/Weekly

Minimum Duration : 40 Hrs


Prefer better half for your business

Duration : 8hrs/Day - 5 Days/Week

Billing : Monthly/Weekly/Daily

Minimum Duration : 40 Hrs

Laravel Development FAQs

If you are required to hire Laravel developers in Bangalore for a full-time or contract project, get in touch with Web Idea Solution. We should also be taken into account if you're looking to recruit Laravel developers in any of those cities, including Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, or any other.
When you are looking for the best company for your Laravel project your primary considerations should be years of industry experience, work experience in a good number of apps, a good and efficient team, and clients across the globe.
The amount of time depends on the features and the application complexity. The Laravel developers follow the right coding method to deliver the project the earliest.
This one again depends on the page, features, and complexity of the application. Talk to the development company about the requirement details to have an estimation.
Starting from the appropriate name conventions to Eloquent Orms, the Laravel application developers follow all the best practices for project development.
This is possible but it needs a good and efficient team of Laravel app developers. The migration time would be a little higher than creating a new app.
Irrespective of your technical knowledge of Laravel you can work with the team. The project manager will make you understand the challenges ahead to create the app.
Laravel for now is the best framework to create an app in PHP especially when you need a usable and scalable application.
The reasons are –
  • Fast development time
  • A broad and active community of developers
  • Customize app build up
  • Faster web app development
Here are the steps for hiring a developer for a nearshore or offshore development project–
  • Receiving client request
  • Analysis of research and requirement
  • Prototype development
  • Code generation
  • Testing
  • Technical maintenance
Symfony, Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter, and CakePHP are the highest-rated frameworks of PHP and Laravel is the best one to opt for. The advantages of the framework are-
  • Fast development time
  • A broad and active community of developers
  • Customize app build-up
  • Faster web app development
Yes, with our developer hiring model, you will be able to communicate with the project developer and control the development process as per your necessity.
The long term additional benefits are–
  • Annual maintenance contract
  • Regular updates
  • Digital Marketing
  • UI/UX Design
At the client's request, we are ready to sign an NDA and service agreement as well and can have that mailed to the client.
Any efficient developer performs testing before delivering the project. Additionally, you can hire quality analysts for your project.
Hiring more developers at the later stages of development is absolutely possible and we would be happy to accommodate that.
You can serve a notice of project contract end and choose another employee from us if you need.
All the projects created by the offshore team for your project are considered your intellectual property, therefore, of course, you are the owner.
We shall start with discussing the project, and working on the scope of work. Once that is done, after the documentation process, you can hire a developer.
Our developers have a minimum of three years of industry experience and they are hired only after being screened under tough tests.
We have a global clientele. We use multiple communication methods including phone calls, video calls, Skype, and messaging.
As we are in regular business with global clients with different working hours, different time-zone does not matter for us.
Hire our dedicated Laravel developers in Bangalore to avail a good transformation of your web application and boost your online business.
Hire our dedicated Leravel developer in Kolkata to get a budget-friendly project, guarantee in price and results.
Our prowess lies in developing e-commerce web apps based on Laravel following all the industry-standard guidelines and standards. Hire our dedicated Laravel developers in India to meet and maintain your desired coding standard.
Our developers work for clients globally. You can expect the best end results. Hire our Laravel developers in Noida to have the best industry-standard application development.