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Gain access to professional developers who can create custom software solutions for your company, agency, or startup. With 100+ industry-based software developers, Web Idea Solution has been offering companies with software and app development solutions. Our in-house remote software developers are comfortable in handling the projects worldwide. You can hire dedicated software development team on an hourly, part-time, or monthly basis if you want to outsource your development needs.

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Why Hire Developers from WIS for your next project?

Affordable Solutions

Hire Developers for an attractive rate

To efficiently satisfy your development demands at a reasonable cost, WIS offers cost-effective offshore developers with industry expertise.

Streamlined Operations

When you hire developers from WIS, you won't have to worry about spending money on office space or other infrastructure because we take care of everything for you.

Efficient Talent Acquisition

With WIS, gain access to a diverse pool of highly skilled and pre-screened developers, saving you valuable time, effort, and expenses associated with traditional recruitment methods.


Rapid Recruitment

Hire software developers (Over 95+ talents)

WIS boasts an extensive collection of developers proficient in various technologies, ensuring swift recruitment for your project.

Transparent Recruitment Process

Become an integral part of the end-to-end developer selection process, from shortlisting to finalizing the ideal candidate.

Prompt Replacement

WIS guarantees seamless resource backup and swift replacement if the assigned developer fails to meet your expectations.


Robust Security Measures

Stringent Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

To efficiently satisfy your development demands at a reasonable cost, WIS offers cost-effective offshore developers with industry expertise.

Recognized Global Quality Standards

Our highly skilled and experienced developers adhere to international coding standards, guaranteeing top-notch deliverables.

Well-Structured Workflow and Security Protocols

To support the smooth growth of projects, we have built a thorough reporting structure, tough security protocols, and a detailed process architecture.

Why hire an Indian programmer?

India is home to a vast pool of brilliant developers who possess extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of technologies. When you choose to hire developers in India, you gain access to the following advantages:

Great Supply of Talented Employees

India excels in its extensive talent pool of highly skilled developers dedicated to delivering excellence.

The Superiority of Time Zone

India offers a significant time zone advantage, especially for businesses in countries like the USA, the UK, and Europe.

Scalability and Flexibility

India provides the flexibility to easily scale up or down your development team based on project requirements, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

English-Speaking Developers

India ranks as the 2nd largest English-speaking country, ensuring that programmers possess excellent communication skills, and facilitating effective collaboration.

Cost-Effective Development

By outsourcing software development to India, you can cut your costs by as much as half compared to other countries.

Adherence to Global Quality Standards

Indian developers undergo specific training to adhere to global quality standards, ensuring the delivery of high-quality output.


The Indian programming community is well-known for its vast skill set and a large variety of individuals. Because of this variety, new ideas can be generated and existing ones can be improved upon.

Support Available Around-the-Clock

When hiring an Indian developer, you can count on receiving round-the-clock assistance.

Hire software developer in India

Hire a coder in India from a wide selection of technologies. Below is the list of developers for hire!

hjre dedicated angular developer

Angular Developer

Python Developer

Laravel Developer

React Native Developer 

React Developer 

WordPress Developer 

Codelgniter Developer 

Mean Stack Developer

NodeJS Developer

Ionic Developer

Django Developer

Android App Developer

Concept Of A Dedicated Hiring Team

Efficiency and dedication to our customers are important to us as we are offering two types of services. You can hire us on the basis of a dedicated hiring process as well as a project basis. We have our team ready to serve your requirements.

rent a code india
  • Team Hiring:
    If you are thinking of a full control under maintenance team then this is the best option for your business model. We have a dedicated team for this option available with us and we do offer our single team for a single client. In a team hiring process, we provide a complete team of Junior and Senior programmers, ecommerce service experts, Project Managers, UI/UX Designers, Team Leaders, and, Q/A engineers to complete clients’ projects successfully and on time. 
hire software developer team

Benefits Of Hiring Software Developers

Are you looking for your first-ever dedicated under-budget team of programmers from India? Or do you have a big project to deliver? Web Idea Solution LLP is ready to take your responsibility with the assurance of your profit. We don’t have only a working mentality here, we do work for our clients like reaching their actual goals. Let’s check out all the benefits you will get after you hire programmers in india from us:

Experienced Coders

Web Idea Solution LLP is the hub of the dedicated core coder so there is no issue delivering small to top-notch projects with quality.

Customer-oriented strategy

Our dedicated experienced staff knows handling customers and we love to focus on the customer base as our strategies are like gaining new customers.


We are flexible when you are flexible. There is no burden of annoying hidden terms and conditions.

Fast Development Cycle

As our Indian software programmers work on a single development project in a time, the development cycle is faster and produces more efficient results at the end.


We have the dedicated resources available with the industry's best pricing structure. It is fully transparent as our client loves us unconditionally.

Easy maintenance

You can now easily hire a project manager from Web Idea Solution LLP to manage the team of software developers. And get a proper project update and solution.

Hire Dedicated Software Developers From WIS
At Cost-Effective Rates

Web Idea Solution  provide different hiring models so you can decide how you want to hire Software developer for you project. Our dedicated developers can be available on a full-time, part-time, and hourly basis.

Full Time

Only work for you in Dedicated mode
Duration : 8hrs/Day - 5 Days/Week(160 Hrs/ Month)
Billing : Monthly

Minimum Duration : 6 Months

Part Time

Need a few hours of attention to the work

Duration : 4hrs/Day - 5 Days/Week(80 Hrs/ Month)

Billing : Monthly/Weekly

Minimum Duration : 40 Hrs


Prefer better half for your business

Duration : 8hrs/Day - 5 Days/Week

Billing : Monthly/Weekly/Daily

Minimum Duration : 40 Hrs

Dedicated Hiring FAQ

A dedicated hiring team is one that is responsible for all of your needs. Because the process is completely in-home, it is the ideal option to get boosted swiftly. You can also communicate with them in real-time to ensure that they deliver exactly what you desire.
Whether you're a small business or a well-known company, for your revenue generation to lead everywhere you need a dedicated team. By hiring a dedicated team you can have these advantages: You will be under your budget You can change your requirements In your direction, the team will work The team is so professional in understanding client's need Contact & Chat support will be full time The team will be dedicated to completing your own project
There are so many ways you can cut software development costs. Below are the following: There is no need for additional hiring costs or you don't need to hire anymore You don't need to provide costly training Pay monthly, daily, or hourly basis
It completely depends upon the situation you are running your company. Below are the points for the actual time to recruit a dedicated team: If you want your business/service to improve more When you are in trouble with your revenue and leads If your in-home technology is not working as expected
Clients seeking a dedicated team for their service or business frequently ask this question. We don't have an exact cost for dedicated hiring because it depends on your needs and services.
For years, we've been satisfying the needs of our clients, and they've been pleased with the results. We are not a one-time service provider. We're here to establish a working connection with you so you can work with us again. Despite the fact that our staff is comprised of experts, we are capable of completing any project.
The majority of businesses now offer annual contracts, however, we at Web Idea Solution LLP like to work with our clients' flexibility. Our specialists can be hired on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. It is entirely dependent on the requirements of your project.
Choosing a dedicated developer is never an easy undertaking, but with the appropriate assistance, you can choose the best developers. To hire a programmer you must have to evaluate your project requirements first. Then contact us for a project discussion. Different projects have different requirements, and your cost will be determined by your specified requirements.
Before recruiting a dedicated developer, you should take into account a number of aspects that will assist you in assembling a competent and dedicated development team. On hiring a dedicated team you must have to analyze their portfolio, expertise, and management process. In which you have a better idea regarding the development process. And we at Web Idea Solution are the most professional Indian dedicated developers available to assist your requirements.