Top 10 Latest Angular Developer Tools for 2024


Over the last decade, we have seen a lot of improvement in the internet and technology. Web development improvement and implementation of technologies are considered one of the highest important development that has merged itself into our lives in a way that we cannot even sometimes realize.

The days have gone when the websites and the static pages show the same information for days, months, and years. In this era of information, we want something new every moment and the websites quench the thirst. The smartphone addiction has invited a revolution and the app stores are providing applications from weight loss to finance. Having seen this, the application frameworks are getting improved by the marketers and Angular development is one such advent.

In this platform, the updated and advanced tools for angular developers have made their job easy. Let’s see the top 10 Angular developer tools.


Angular developers consider it one of the most efficient testing frameworks for the development process. It has a perfect testing environment allowing the developers to conduct the app test on real browsers or devices like phones and tablets.


The protractor tool is for the end-end-end test framework. This is one of the favorite Angular developer tools because of the advantage of testing apps on the real browsers along with interaction with the users.


Jasmine is an open-source framework for testing. Ideally, this is for javaScript but it supports the TDD or Testing-Driven Development. This development framework implements a behavioral approach. In the Angular development process, the jasmine gets the main use in the Node.JS or similar projects.


You can hire Angular developer in India to get this feature used the most for your project. This is so far the best text code editor for the developers making the code writing process easiest.


The rectangular tool helps to simplify the common requests like getting, DELETE, POST, and UPDATE as well as it needs minimum client code. This is the ideal solution for the web app data consumption from the RESTful API.

Generator Angular 

With this angular developer tool, a developer can set a project with sensible defaults. It helps to generate all the boilerplates to start with the application project.


This is a browser extension of Google Chrome and Safari. It can add an inspector pane to the browsers to help in the development process, debugging, and comprehending the AngularJS applications. Using the Controllers and the Directives, it can identify and display every scope.


Being in touch with the Best web development company in India you would be blessed with an application development project where most of the tools and features are utilized for betterment. This JS allows for asynchronous testing and makes it flexible for accuracy in terms of mapping and reporting.


This is a flexible API with a 3-way data binding system as well as fast development capability and ease of development. This tool allows for the creation of an Angular App backend.


When a lightweight and Smart IDE is your need, Webstorm is your choice. It has all the power to hold the modern JavaScript ecosystem like intelligent code implementation, strong navigation, server-side development for ode.JS, and more.