2022 SEO tactics : Build an SEO-friendly website to boost your ranking!

The science of enhancing a website’s appearance when users search for products or services is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These days, the majority of businesses are looking for SEO services in order to have their websites rank better in search results, making SEO-friendly website the hot topic of the day

As they want to increase their leads in the digital platform because the world is changing on a regular basis. Digitalization is the new modern trend on this modern planet where startups to well-settled big brands are competing for an established place.

Although, most people are not having the knowledge about how SEO works. Even if you have a general idea of what it comprises, you may not have a firm handle on this complicated and diverse procedure.

SEO consists of several components, and understanding what they are and how they work is crucial to comprehending why SEO is so vital. In a nutshell, SEO is important for website development because it increases the visibility of your website, which means more visitors and the opportunity to convert visitors into buyers.

Why Is An SEO-Friendly Website Important?

Think of a while you are having an amazing decorated website which you have made in investing a lot of money but you no proper ranking on the web then you will be surely running out of sales right? While social media optimization and PPC ads are wonderful for driving visitors to your website, it’s also critical to identify organic techniques to increase traffic and rank.

Many website owners usually in the initial stages doesn’t understand why SEO-friendly website is important nowadays. And why various competitors make efforts to make a website friendly to search engines.

Well, Now It's Sorted, Let's Check Out Some Of The Reasons Behind Building An SEO-Friendly Website:

Increase Organic Traffic:

The majority of the users searching in the search bar tends to visit the top 5 results. Organic traffic means that you don’t have to pay to increase your customer base. So organic traffic will surely grow if you have the products and a good website with the best SEO optimization. SEO-friendly websites will get you more traffic from the search engines and are the best way to get on SERP (search engine result page). 

Make the website user-friendly:

UX is one of the major parts of a website as investors have to invest a higher amount for this. Unless you want to satisfy Google’s algorithm, your website must be SEO-optimized while simultaneously being user-friendly.

Brand credibility:

Users searching for their queries usually trust more on the website ranking on the first page of the search engines (google, bing, yahoo). This is considered good for both building brand awareness and brand credibility.


An SEO-friendly website drive targeted traffic and there is no need to spend money on online advertisements (PPC). Implementing an SEO plan can take some time, but the modifications are usually free. The fact is that SEO is a low-cost tool for assisting your website in meeting its marketing objectives and boosting its overall return on investment.

Understand your customer needs:

SEO assists in driving quality traffic and by analyzing the behavior of the user’s activities such as click, their likes, how they leave the website, etc. we can understand the needs of the customer, and customize the products accordingly.

SEO for mobile:

Websites that are mobile friendly and also have a good ranking position on the mobile search have the benefit to get more traffic and customers compared to those websites which are not mobile SEO friendly.

We all are aware that most users use mobile to search for a product or service. And if your website is not ranking in the top positions on the SERP, then you could lose many customers to your competitors. So, it’s better to get your website mobile SEO friendly.

Things To Keep In Mind While Designing An SEO-Friendly Website

The world is emerging, and so the people are. Without any such efforts nowadays users need best product & services. This is the reason why most customers shift towards an online platform for their needs. While searching for any information on Google, almost 75% of the users don’t go beyond the first page of the Google search. And it might be a harsh truth for the business/ website owners who are working to boost the website for ROI and conversation. So, if you are not on the top page of the Google SERP, your online existence doesn’t matter.

This is a time where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has come into play. As it helps your website to become more visible on the search engine and get more potential traffic to the website. 

SEO-Friendly Website Design Guidelines

URL Structure Will Be Improved:

The URL structure refers to how you set up your website’s URLs to more clearly reflect what’s on the page. All of these links are created by web developers, who can optimize them by focusing on the page’s keywords. Now SEO specialist works on shortening these links and targeting the major keywords that surely target those search makers. URL length should be short.

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Responsive Website:

On whatever device is used to access your website, the web pages should be responsive. If your website or articles are laggy on any device, you must correct the problem immediately to maintain your SEO health.

Website Page Speed Optimization:

Nobody wants to visit a website that takes a long time to load. Website speed is the major factor in terms of ranking in search engines. From image file names to the image itself matters for the website speeds.

  • Allow browser caching
  • Remove the unnecessary plugins
  • Decrease the server time
  • Lower the redirects
  • Lower the CSS and JavaScript files

Mobile-friendly Website:

Google clearly shows that having a responsive website is a highly important ranking indication for its algorithms. Hence, it will be no issue if you have a responsive and well-navigated website. Most users nowadays are using mobile to search for any information. So, a mobile-friendly website will be a great way to get your website ranked at the top.

Enhance the performance of your website:

Performance enhancement is also required in a website to rank you properly. You can speed up your website in a number of different ways. 


If you fail to represent your website contents, people will avoid our website. So, always ready to provide clear readability to your users for better engagement.

Image Optimization:

Most people focus on the content of the website and forget the on-site image optimization. It is necessary to know that image optimization is a vital part of generating more organic traffic. Google also serves an option in which by clicking the image users can visit the website where the full image is present. Thus if you are not on the top-ranked pages, you might be ranked in the Google image section. Things to consider while optimizing the image.

  • File Format: Choosing the best file format help to reduce the loading speed of the website which enhances the ranking position. The use of JPEG, PNG, and WebP on the various platform could limit the image size.
  • Image Compression: Compressing the image before uploading is vital to managing the load speed of the website.
  • Alt-text: It assists the browser to understand the image even better. Use the keyword wisely. 

Content Optimization:

People usually search for certain keywords to search about their requirements. Based on the search, Google shows the most relevant content which might be helpful for the users. There is almost 4 search intent (purpose of searching) used when opting for content marketing strategies.

  • Informational: When the user is searching for only information.
  • Navigational: When a user is in search of any particular website or app.
  • Commercial: The user is in search of a product that is not finalized.
  • Transactional: When the user is ready to buy a product.

Meta title & Description:

When anyone searches in the Google search engine the first thing they see is the top 10 links with page titles with a short description. Title tags and Meta description is the center of attention as based on these users decide whether to click and visit the website or not! So, if you want to increase the traffic then these tags are very important. 

  • Title Tags limit: Google shows 50-60 characters of title tag to the users. Include the primary keywords to optimize the tag.
  • Meta description limit: Google shows 155-160 characters of meta description to the users. Keep the description brief. Include primary keywords for optimization.
  • Avoid duplication of title tags and descriptions. 

Meaningful Structure:

The website should have the following structure.

  • Header
  • Breadcrumb menu
  • Page title (H1 tag – one per page)
  • Formatted Paragraph and subheadings( H2-H6)
  • Footer

    Internal linking:

    When used correctly interlinking can boost your ranking. It guides Google to understand your content even better and also set an informational hierarchy for the website. It is helpful for users to get the most relevant content and information. To get at the top-ranked pages, interlinking of the pages is a vital option.


    Given the high competition, it is quite valuable to be on Google’s first search result page. For a higher rating on SERPS and barrier-free access to your audience via the search engine, it’s essential to adhere to these fundamental strategies. The main advantage of implementing a website that is SEO friendly is that you will receive more specifically focused organic traffic from search engines. 


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