Angular 2+ shows nice looking custom alerts and messages

Angular2 Toasty component shows growl-style alerts and messages for your application.

Installation :

npm install ng2-toasty --save

Import :

import {ToastyModule} from \'ng2-toasty\';

Add this tag to the component HTML :

<ng2-toasty [position]=\"\'top-center\'\"></ng2-toasty>

Import ToastyModule.forRoot() in the NgModule of your application. The forRootmethod is a convention for modules that provide a singleton service.


    imports: [




    bootstrap: [AppComponent]


Import the module to your component ts file.

import {ToastyService, ToastyConfig, ToastOptions, ToastData} from \'ng2-toasty\';

Setup the method for the Alert and Messages :

addToast() {

        // Just add default Toast with title only

        this.toastyService.default(\'Hi there\');

        // Or create the instance of ToastOptions

        var toastOptions:ToastOptions = {

            title: \"My title\",

            msg: \"The message\",

            showClose: true,

            timeout: 5000,

            theme: \'default\',

            onAdd: (toast:ToastData) => {

                console.log(\'Toast \' + + \' has been added!\');


            onRemove: function(toast:ToastData) {

                console.log(\'Toast \' + + \' has been removed!\');



        // Add see all possible types in one shot;






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