Wellness App for Health Management

Technology Stack:
Backend: .Net || Frontend: Angular 12, HTML, CSS || Database: MySQL

The Client

A financial advisor platform for pension and mutual funds which helps the user or different clients understand the market, and prepare for which to target in future periods. The main aim of this platform is to provide all the details and database to the user in an efficient manner so that customers can easily get the best solutions they were looking forward to!

The Solution and Product Features at a Glance

  1. Enhanced Customer-Centric UI/UX Design
  2. User-Focused Management Features
  3. Comprehensive Product Range Display
  4. Group Discussion Facility
  5. Audio Recordings and Relaxing Music for Meditations
  6. Live Video Sessions for Exercise
  7. Seamless Product Purchasing with Multicart
  8. Payment Gateway Integration with Payment Retry Experience

      The Challenge

      Motivated by the growing prevalence of unwellness in society due to hectic lifestyles, the client sought to address these challenges through a comprehensive wellness app. Web Idea Solution was entrusted with the end-to-end development of the app, spanning ideation, UI/UX design, coding, and deployment of both iOS and Android versions.

      Essential client requirements included

      Peer-Support Community: A platform for users to share tips and engage in discussions during solitary moments.
      Video Sessions: Live Video sessions facility on meditations, physical exercises, and breathing techniques.
      Audio Recordings and Relaxing Music: Providing content for deep sleep and relaxation.
      Recipes and Mindful Eating: Including a section for delicious recipes and promoting mindful eating habits.
      Gamification Elements: Integrating elements like quizzes to enhance user engagement.

      Despite having content provided by the client, the challenge lay in structuring and developing the app in a way that didn’t overwhelm users, acknowledging the need for a minimalist interface to limit screen time in the self-healing journey.

      The Solution

      Backend: Built using Node.js for cross-platform support, scalability, and feature-packed functionality.
      Frontend: Developed with Flutter for a single codebase serving both iOS and Android, optimizing development time.
      Database: Leveraged MongoDB for efficient data querying, ensuring swift data retrieval on the client-side server.
      Push Notifications: Integrated Firebase for delivering health tips, quotes, and in-app purchase notifications.
      In-App Purchases: Enabled hassle-free subscription payments and many more.

      Thorough testing of APIs using Postman ensured code stability and quality before deploying the iOS and Android apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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      The wellness app delivered a host of features contributing to users' self-care journeys

      Audios of Meditation

      Users can access pre-recorded audios, reducing screen time during meditation sessions.

      Workout Videos

      Users can access pre-recorded audios, reducing screen time during meditation sessions.

      Nourishing Recipes

      Users can access pre-recorded audios, reducing screen time during meditation sessions.

      Peer-Support Community

      A community feed fosters interaction, allowing users to share wellness experiences.

      Push Notifications

      Motivational messages delivered through push notifications inspire users on their wellness journey.

      Mindfulness Tools

      The app is a comprehensive mindfulness companion offering various self-care tools.

      Premium Content

      Paid users access premium features and scientifically backed steps for holistic well-being.

      Everyday Wellness Support

      With positive reviews, the app has become a trusted wellness guide, bringing harmony to users' everyday lives.

      Historic Data

      Users and the app company both can download their historic data without to track or maintain thier fitness.

      Web Idea Solution’s commitment to creating a practical and effective wellness app has established it as a go-to resource for individuals seeking a holistic approach to well-being.